Your safety comes first at Lonach.

At Lonach Global Charter we have a fully functional and implemented Safety Management System. Transport Canada or the FAA in the U.S. have not mandated this system for Charter Operators.  We believe it should be.  We take seriously issues entered into our Safety Management System.  Crews use Flight Risk Assessment Tools to evaluate and mitigate risk. Management reviews them prior to departures. Not only do we have this Safety Management System, we invite all our customers to be involved.  That’s why we have a link on our website to put control in your hands. We ignore no issue, no matter how small.

Every flight is followed by satellite and missions are supported from the ground 24/7.  Cockpit communications in-flight can happen between flight followers or maintenance anywhere in the world at any time. We have equipped the aircraft with the latest upgrades to make it visible to Air Traffic Control even while oceanic. Every six months we send pilots for rigorous training at Flight Safety in full-motion simulators to practice emergency procedures. In addition, we enrol flight crews in continuous online training that keeps them up-to-date with the latest aviation safety and regulatory information money can buy. Testing for crews follows each session. We partner international trips with Major Flight Planning organizations ensuring the safety and security of everyone on-board. International trip planning includes Security Assessments, weather, route planning, FBOs, notices to Airmen to name a few. Safety Audits are part of our program and are regularly carried out by staff, external agencies and Transport Canada.  Our last Transport Canada visit had no findings.  We have a strict Drug and Alcohol policy and a mature Occupational Health and Safety Program. 

Trained Aircraft Maintenance Engineers familiar with our aircraft and its complete history meticulously maintain it. We inspect the aircraft prior to and  following every flight and do all maintenance tracking with professional industry-known software. All of our work is carried out in accordance with the Manufacturers' recommended requirements.

We carry extensive safety and survival equipment for all types of weather, terrain, and water.  We train crews in the use of that equipment as well as First Aid, including infant First aid.  We are equipped, trained and ready to handle any airborne emergency.

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